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From the 19th to the 22nd October 2023 GRAPHIC GRAPHIC will present the exhibition FAST LIFE during the Belgian Art & Design fair at Arsenaal, Gentbrugge.
This inaugural exhibition will focus on posters, symbol of rapid communication and flow of information.

Fast Life will exhibit a series of 20 posters, during a four days exhibition.
For this event and through this open call, GRAPHIC GRAPHIC invites graphic designers and graphic artists to showcase their poster(s).


Posters, a simple yet impactful medium, are an integral part of our daily lives, capturing our attention as we navigate through public spaces. Designed to communicate messages swiftly and effectively, posters play a significant role in our contemporary visual culture.

With an often limited display time, posters possess a sense of urgency, demanding for an immediate engagement. These ubiquitous and versatile creations encompass a wide spectrum of purposes, from advertising campaigns to political statements or simply graphic experiments. For graphic designers, posters stand as one of the most prominent mediums of expression.

Despite the rise of digital communication, posters retain their importance in our society. As a vehicle for artistic expression and storytelling, posters continue to leave a lasting impact on viewers, leaving behind impressions that can resonate long after they have been encountered.


FAST LIFE exhibition is open to any Belgian graphic designers, or graphic designers working in belgium.


Any printed poster(s).
The poster(s) must have been printed during the last 3 years.

Their is no format restrictions, however the poster should be:
↬ 300 dpi
↬ 3mm bleed + crop marks

In the case a poster contains non-CMYK colors such as Pantone(s) and⁄or requires special printing technique(s) like screenprinting, you will be asked to either send or bring the already printed poster to the exhibition location.
In this case, please contact us beforehand.


To participate you have to fill in the application form on the right.

After the application is sent you will get a confirmation email. If your poster is selected we will contact you to let you know all the necessary details concerning the printing of the poster(s) and exhibition timings.

The deadline to apply is 15/09/23.

Each selected participant will receive a ticket to access the fair, during both the opening night and the weekend.

In the case your poster cannot be printed by our means, you should deliver it during the week of the 09/10/23 to the 13/10/23.


You agree to see your work displayed during the exhibition in the context of the belgian art & design fair, as well as through our social media channels and website (always including credits).

All submitted content must be accurate and include all designers involved. Please note that once the content is submitted, it cannot be changed.

In the case your poster(s) cannot be printed by our means, You are responsible for the delivery and pick-up. Graphic Graphic are not responsible for any damage that would happened during the transportation of the poster(s).


The selection will be done according to the theme of this exhibition. The candidates are selected on the basis of the submitted work. Each work is judged on the basis of the graphic design quality and relevance to the topic.

The posters will be selected by the curators (to be announced) of the exhibition.

You can apply for up to 3 posters, as long as they are always accompanied by a corresponding file.


15/09/23 Open call deadline
18 ↬ 22/09/23 Selection
27/09/23 Deadline to send your file(s)
09 → 13/10/23 Delivery of your poster(s) if necessary
19 ↪ 22/10/23 Exhibition

The open call is closed  

The open call is closed

Thanks to everyone who participated! The results of the open call will be announced shortly.