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Platform for  Belgian graphic design
GRAPHIC GRAPHIC is a platform that aims to give insights, perspectives and thoughts within the Belgian graphic design scene. GRAPHIC GRAPHIC serves as a dedicated space for designers to showcase their work, exchange ideas and inspire one another through a series of curated festivals, exhibitions, talks and debates. It also provides an overview for a wider audience to understand the work and process of graphic designers.
The genesis of GRAPHIC GRAPHIC was sparked by a shared sentiment among Belgian graphic designers: a desire to dissolve the veil of unfamiliarity that shrouds our practices, discipline and more generally our body of work. We questioned whether we, as graphic designers, could collectively define what makes Belgian graphic design particular. In response to this challenge, GRAPHIC GRAPHIC was founded with the intention of making the Belgian graphic design scene more accessible, comprehensible and appreciated. Our initiative serves a dual purpose. On one hand, these events aim to build a sense of community within the Belgian graphic design scene. This extends beyond graphic designers themselves to encompass the ecosystem of professionals and amateurs that gravitates around them, including printers, developers, artists, publishers, schools, and more. On the other hand, GRAPHIC GRAPHIC seeks to demystify the world of graphic design for those less familiar with it. These events act as bridges, connecting graphic designers with a broader public. They offer opportunities for the uninitiated to gain insights into the creative processes, concepts and aesthetics that underlie graphic design. By making the work of Belgian graphic designers accessible, GRAPHIC GRAPHIC hopes to spark curiosity, inspire creativity and promote a deeper understanding of the expertise that goes into their work. GRAPHIC GRAPHIC, therefore, aspires to contribute to a more inclusive understanding of graphic designer’s role in shaping our visual culture and environment. By creating a space where the subtleties of the work of graphic designers are laid bare, we aim to build broader recognition of the value and quality inherent in graphic design.

A poster exhibition
19–22 Oct. 2023
Arsenaal Gentbrugge

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